Kit De Uñas De Gel

There are several different careers people could succeed at in the field of cosmetology. A trained nail technician could choose to work independently, or as part of a salon. In addition to the openings found at many beauty salons and spas, there are also salons that specialize in only doing nails. The nail industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the past several years, especially with the addition of gel nails. There are a number of courses available for people who want to get on this fast-track to success. The kit de unas de gel is the Spanish term for the kits provided with the associated courses.

A Basic Nail Course

People choosing to enroll in a nail course will learn about the different techniques used to apply polish, as well as artificial nails. A nail needs to be properly cleaned and prepared before any type of polish or acrylic nail is applied. Students who enroll in the course will also learn the techniques associated with gel nail applications and permanent glazing. These applications use LED light technology to create a harder nail surface, which is designed to last much longer than the traditional acrylic nails.

Free Courses and Updates

The nail courses are offered for free with the purchase of special nail kits. The kits include everything needed to start practicing a career as a nail technician. The 3-in-1 kit comes with everything needed to create acrylic, gel or glazed nails. The professional nail kit includes a comprehensive course on how to create professional looking gel nails. There is also a basic nail kit, which includes a course that covers nail biting, gel applications and molds. Each course offers the student a different level of completion, with the basic nail course providing the graduate with a certificate and diploma.